The Beauty of Drone Photography

The Beauty of Drone Photography

Drone photography and videography for real estate is the latest trend to hit the market in recent years. Many builders are using drones to take a closer look at the areas in the buildings that are not reachable by the engineer’s naked eye during construction. It also shows how the building looks like from the aerial perspective.

Drone photographs and videos are extremely helpful in the marketing department of the real estate industry. It is most important in the high-end real estate markets, like napa real estate, as these estates tend to be located in large lots, and aerial photography is a must. It is the second most important invention in the real estate after the internet. If you will browse many properly listing websites, you will see that many properties on sale are accompanied by photos or videos taken by drones. And you will agree that those photos and videos are more interesting to look at than the shots taken at eye-level.

Real Estate & Drone Technology Unite

As a realtor, you might be thinking if using a drone to take pictures of the house that you are selling will all be worth it considering the time and the cost. How practical is it and is it worth your investment? The answer is yes. Using drone as a marketing tool is surprisingly affordable. Supposing you will hire an expert to do the shots and he is properly oriented with what kind of angles he need to capture, taking pictures will only last for a day or even shorter than that.

Marketing Luxury Estates

Luxurious properties with vast lands that are being listed will benefit more from aerial photography. The unmanned aircraft can take images of the house and the surroundings which are not just aesthetically inviting for prospective buyers but extremely helpful to them as well. They will be given an image of the house and its surroundings in an angle different from the regular eye-level views. Because of that, they will have the opportunity to inspect the house and the lot before they can decide. They will also be informed about the proximity of the house to other important establishments such as the hospital, school, market, shopping centers, churches, etc.

If the property is near beautiful natural surroundings, say a waterfall or a lake, the images from a drone can be a huge selling point to the prospective buyers.

Drones can produce high-quality photos and videos.  These images are great sources for marketing the property. If you can show the house in its entirety to an interested buyer, you don’t have to do a lot of convincing. Let the pictures and the videos do the talking!